Centurions cost uranium and titanium, but are worth both their cost and their name. Like their namesakes, centurions have high health and damage, and charge into enemy line without hesitation. Unlike hammerheads, centurions can and will inflict heavy casualties to the enemies unless they have superfluous mid ranged units to stop them(artillery units or titans).


The Old Centurion Mech


  • The Centurion has gone through a complete change from a Mech into a Advanced gunship.
  • The centurions are also vulnerble if you leave to many in a base. a army of hammerheads can clear them out with ease if you leave them with no ground units, make sure to leave defending units along with centurions.
  • In an update, the centurion has compleatly changed shape and now is a double bladed helicopter (not to be confused with a chinook)