File:Defense Grid.jpg
Report: ally loss, 1,432.720 uv. Enemy loss, 0 uv
- What you will see when you attack a full base with defense grid up.

The Defense Grid (also known as tower) provides attack range bonus to the defenders as well as increasing the distance between the attacking and defending army when they engage in combat.

The combined effect of bonus range and longer battlefield distance significantly boosts your ranged units' damage dealing capabilities. It is highly recommended that you build one defense grid at every outpost and multiple at base you don't want to lose, for it takes a long time to rebuild.

Upgrade InformationEdit

Level Repair time Iron required Money required Upgrade time
Level 1 5 minutes Unknown Unknown 5 minutes
Level 2 5 minutes Unknown Unknown 20 minutes

The only units that should be in a defense grid are long range units like HELICOPTORS,HAILSTORMS,ARTILLERY'S AND RAILGUN TANKS.