Resources are what fuel you, and what help fund every single aspect of your game. If you want to train a Jeep , you need 30 Iron and 50 Oil . If you wanted to make a Railgun Tank , you would need 1900 Titanium and 1900 Uranium .

Starting offEdit


Picture of a level one iron patch.


Picture of a level one oil patch.

In the beginning of the game, your Home Base will already have two level 1 iron patches and two level 1 oil patches. At this point, you need to build two Iron Mines and Oil Derricks on the matching patches as soon as possible, so you can start generating Iron and Oil.

Then you need to place two Trading Centers and Refineries so you can start gaining Money and Fuel for buildings and vehicles.

After building these buildings, your mission is to expand from there by capturing and creating Outposts. After that, you may go hunting for more advanced patches, since your measly level 1 patches will not be able to sustain your army needs and building needs when you become an advanced, pro player. 

Resource typesEdit

There are two main types of resources. Rare resources, and not rare (or common) resources.

Common ResourcesEdit

The four common resources are Oil, Iron, Money, and Fuel.

  • Oil and Iron is used to upgrade buildings and train troops. These resources can be generated by Oil Derricks and Iron Mines respectively.
  • Money is used to upgrade all buildings other than Trade Centers (which is a building that generates Money), and is also used to research upgrades and missing troops.

Rare ResourcesEdit

The three rare resources are Titanium, Uranium, and Gold.

  • Titanium and Uranium are both used to generate advanced troops. They can only be mined on the respective buildings that must be placed on the respective patches, which can run out if used for too long.
  • Gold cannot be mined as it is a premium resource, so it is considered a rare resource.

The rare resources are much harder to find than the common resources.

Titanium and Uranium patches are hard to come by, especially in an old world. Even in a new world, it's hard to be able to get one, as when people join, they have the same ambitions of getting to those prized patches too. Another way to get Uranium, Titanium, Iron, and Oil is to complete Missions, which task you with completing something, and rewarding you with some resources. Limited time missions give you more rare items, since those challenges are world wide, in which all of the world competes, such as a very powerful commander if you finish all the missions in the alloted time.