World 1

The Original World. Players are self taught and don't coin much.  Not heavy coiners as in other worlds so skill is more important.  

Coiners in this world have gone to other worlds because player advancement is slow. Who is a level 54 going to attack? pffft


1. KONE ELITE - Led by -Deth, Believes that being a family through thick and thin is most important. Allied to many alliances.

2. Inglorious Elite - Led by Heyman. They have perfect alliance boosts and lots of Coiners.

3. Crusade - Led by Kone loves the D.  Crusade has fallen to 3rd through inactives but is rebuilding.

4. Digital Heads - Led by MrsV, consists of military, students and former top 3 alliance members, family style alliance.

5. My A Alliance - Mostly ex IE, IE bp boosting alts and new comers.

6. Italia- Led by IT_Rosy.  Some Kone bp boosting alts. Up and coming Kone ally.

7. Lithium - Led by Fawn. IE ally. Skull's dream of power and domination just might come true.

8. FunGamers United - Led by FunGamer. Once a joke but now IE ally and bp boosting alts.

9. Black Rain - Led by BR_ad. The perfect alliance to learn the game and improve skill set.

10. Ceasefire. - Led by K-i-k-o,  Mostly retired and less active players.

11. Russian Alliance - For Russian players.

12. Destroyer of Worlds - For new and upcoming players.

13. Dutch Best - Once a powerhouse alliance but now for less active players.