World 13 is a active amazing world and one of the top of all current worlds.


World 13 consists of many alliance based of other world alliances reborn. Some of the most popular alliances that are Active or disbanded are listed such as SGDF (Strategic Global Defense Force), Blackwater Elite, War Dogz,KoN Elite, Organized Threat,ANZAC MERCS, Tally Wackers,Liberation Army,Dimmer Skies,A Team,B team,UNDERWORLD(now Dirt-Nap-Artists),Legends and L 2,Tank Force,Lethals,Venndetta,Annhilators,Delta Warriors( now DW Elite),Golden Embassy,SHIELD, WILD_BOYS and more.

Key Events Edit

Whilst some events have been lost, and almost all have no memorable dates, there are some events that are to be remembered.

The Chrome Betrayal is a term which is well known in the WILD_BOYS alliance, and and partially known in Organized_Threat(OgT). The facts are somewhat biased, as the two alliances involved are the only to have a view, but essentially player OgT_CHROME (at the time) was sent into WILD_BOYS by OgT to spy on them. As CHROME had a large BP (about 500mil when the worlds best was 750mil) he was quickly promoted to colonel, where he could only be kicked by the leader (WILD_Thoniari or WILD_JAY as those players joint owned WILD_BOYS). However it was not long (a few weeks?) before CHROME was found out, and kicked, and not unlike the witch trials, along with anyone suspected of being in league with CHROME, such as WILD_JACKAL and possibly many others. CHROME wasn't in WILD_BOYS for long enough to leak any information to OgT, but the cost to those accused was great, they were denied a place back in, and had to find new ties. WILD_JACKAL went to OgT_2 as it was a good alliance, without a ridiculously high requirement.


World !3 started to a smooth start as in rank WD,OgT,LiB,KONE,POW and cont...,.S