World 20 is home to many strong players.

World 20 is one of the most experienced worlds, with powerful alliances already making W20 its home. W20 has seen many things over the years and lack of players is considered by some to be a major issue in that world. If you would like to start playing in W20 then it is recommended. With many friendly players with strong alliances, They are looking for new and active players.

Top 10 Alliances (BP)

1.Pandemic (Pan) Leader: Poundcake --- Very Active

Pandemic stands as the most powerful alliance in World 20 in nearly every field. Although they are the most powerful alliance, they have few allies (Smoken and Pan 2) and are at constant war with Firephoenix.

2.Firephoenix (FP) Leader: Fp-Ace --- Very Active

Firephoenix is the second most powerful alliance that is at constant war with Pandemic with many allies at their side.

3.Asylum (Asy) Leader: -M5- --- Very Active

Asylum is the newest of the very active alliances and is a powerful force that is acknowledged by Firephoenix and Pandemic.

4.Smoken_Aces (Aces) Leader: Hippo --- Reasonably Active

Smoken_Aces was formerly a powerful alliance but most of the players quit long ago. Although they are weaker than they used to be, Smoken_Aces is still one of the top alliances with a few active players.

5.Jamtastic (Jam) Leader : FRI --- Reasonably Active

Jamtastic is an alliance that has few players, but the players it has are extremely powerful. Even with the few players it has, Jamtastic manages to be extremely competitive towards Pan 2 and Aces.

6.Discretion (Disc) Leader: Andara --- Not Active

Discretion is an alliance that was formerly very powerful, but had most of its players leave and now is barley active.

7. Pandemic (Pan 2) Leader : GrimmDoc --- Reasonably Active

Pandemic is an alliance that hosts lower level Pandemic players and alternate accounts of Pandemic main.

8.Empire Of Freedom (EoF) Leader: DvlT-EoF --- Dead

EoF was formerly a great alliance with a large diversity of players. EoF died after their players decided that DvlT was too much of a crybaby for them. After coming to this conclusion, many players quit, and others left. EoF now is only ran by DvlT and his alts after everyone left.

9.DISMANTLERS (Dism) Leader: Kash_Ardor --- Dead

10.Best players only (None) Leader : Bpo-gungun --- Dead

Top 10 Players (BP)

  1. Poundcake (Pandemic) --- 163,592,397,344
  2. Fp-ace (Firephoenix) --- 128,165,416,014
  3. Lady-Pan (Pandemic) --- 94,027,887,716
  4. FakeSwE (Pandemic) --- 87,413,358,315
  5. Fp-JarHead_60 (Firephoenix) --- 69,450,450,636
  6. ZUGZWANG (Pandemic) --- 62,865,212,837
  7. -DealDealer (Pandemic) --- 61,705,513,059
  8. VALLEY_II (Firephoenix) --- 61,061,107,945
  9. CheshireCat (Asylum) --- 54,502,916,207
  10. -M5- (Asylum) --- 53,874,590,359