World 3 is the most developed world on War of Nations (that isn't full). However in recent times it is not ad powerful as other worlds such as World 35

This world has a strict set of rules:

  • no capping active players
  • no farming/looting other players
  • no attacking players 6 levels under your own


  • Imperial America (IA)
  • The Knights of Retribution (RET)
  • Knights of Revival (KoR)
  • Project eX
  • Combat
  • Pain and Gain (png)
  • Cobra Force (cf)
  • Pigs of War (pow)
  • Fight Club
  • 13 Court Guard Squads (13CGS)
  • Teamph (ph)

Overall this is a great world to start your WoN career because they are friendly players or pla t in this world could be a pleasant time