World 42

Codename: Realtra

Brand New World, still closed for cross world players currently have to make an alt to join that world


  1. Gods: Founded by MaV
  2. Winterfell Founded by Secret
  3. Mortals Founded by Pilot
  4. X-Rated Founded by Dktapps
  5. Riot Founded by Asherz
  6. WingsOfInsomnia Founded by Nightmare

X-Rated was disbanded after its leader, Soana was capped by Gods. Many X-Rated players moved to Gods and a new alliance, XR-REVOLUTION.

Although Mortals has considerably less members than gods, it is led by the powerful coiner Pilot, who currently tops the leaderboard in battle points and has over 72 million power, whereas the second highest power player has only around 25 million.